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26 February 2015 @ 09:30 pm
Title:Afternoon Confessions (Part 17)
Pairings:AibaxNino, ShoxAiba, OhnoxAiba, OhnoxJun, JunxNino
Genre/Rating:Fluff, Family, Romance, AU / PG-13
Word Count:2248
Disclaimer:I own nothing but the plot
Summary:The following day after his search for Sakurai, Aiba woke up on Sakurai's bed... he doesn't remember falling asleep on his bed last night...

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25 February 2015 @ 02:11 pm
Pairings:OhnoxNino, ShoxAiba, NinoxAiba, OhnoxSho, JunxOC
Genre/Rating:AU, Fluff, Romance/PG-13
Disclaimer:I own nothing but this plot
Word Count:1478
Summary:Dress rehearsals today and everyone is really getting into their role... Ohno keeps looking at me like I'm some kind of girl.

Pairings:OhnoxNino, JunxOC
Extra Characters:Inoue Mao (as Oumura Yumi), Yamada Rosuke (as Kotoko), Chinen Yuri (as Sumomo), Ishihara Satomi (as Jun's late wife)
Genre/Rating:AU, Humor, Fluff, Romance, Sci-fi/PG-13
Disclaimer:Idea taken from original manga Chobits by Clamp. Almost all the quotes are from the manga as well.
Word Count:2176
Summary:Ohno Satoshi, the computer illiterate young man who lives in the 22nd century full of androids everywhere?! What will happen when this young man meets one android that was meant to be thrown away?
A/N:The plot will go exactly like the manga, but there will be some changes cause this is my story. I don't plan on making chobits seem weird. Just decided to share because it was my first manga that I came to love. If you don't wanna read this, then don't.

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19 February 2015 @ 11:31 pm
Pairings:OhnoxNino, JunxNino, AibaxNino, Kaze, OhnoxNinoxAibaxJun
Genre/Rating:Fluff, Humor, Animalverse / G
Word Count:916
Disclaimer:I own nothing but the plot
Summary:Nino just wants some alone time and for someone to understand him.

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16 February 2015 @ 10:38 am
Pairings:OT5, AibaxJun, OhnoxOC, ShoxOC
Genre/Rating:Friendship, Angst, AU, Slice of life, Romance / G
Word Count:6663
Disclaimer:I own nothing but the plot
Summary:The five men barely knew each other, but one fateful night brought them all together in a small, unkown bar in Tokyo.

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Title: I’m In Love With My Baby-sitter’s Best Friend SP Part 1

Author: ladyalta
Pairing: Ohmiya, Yama (friendship)
Genre: romance, au, fluff, fluff, fluff
Rating: G

Summary: “I now know that you really go the mile to make me happy.”
Word Count: 2,901
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: as requested by and here’s an SP of I’m In Love...
A/N2: Nino in this fic is very generous (since he was known to be stingy) but since it’s his wedding with Oh-chan, let’s assume that Nino will go all the way to do what he did here, ne?
A/N3: Same-sex marriage is legal in France since 2013. I’ve searched Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc and it’s so grand! Perfect for a wedding and honeymoon!
( “Because there’s a surprise waiting for you,” Nino smiled. )
Part 2

Title: I’m In Love With My Baby-sitter’s Best Friend (Part Two){C}{C}1/2

Author: ladyalta
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: fluff, romance, au
Rating: G
Summary: “Hello Oh-chan! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, ne? But now I’m here. I was not able to celebrate your 20th birthday but I’m here... we’re here to celebrate something,” Nino said.
Word Count: 3,530
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: this is my first fic that I’ve got to finish. I hope I didn’t disappoint you to the continuation of the story. And oh yeah, I don’t really know how much the price range for a certain painting, so I just guessed.
( He wonders if Nino remembered their promise when he was six years old. )
Part 2

Title: I’m In Love With My Baby-sitter’s Best Friend (Part One)

Author: ladyalta
Pairing: Chibi!Ohno, Ohmiya, Yama (friendship);
Genre: fluff, romance, au

Rating: G
Word Count: 2,246 words
Summary: “So better hurry up and grow up fast. And when you reached 20, I’m going to marry you.”
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
( “I’m looking for a part-time job,” he said. )
11 February 2015 @ 12:46 pm
Title:The Princesses and the Prince
Pairings:(Girl!Arashi)OT5, Girl!OhnoxGirl!Nino
Genre/Rating:Genderswitch, Crack / G
Word Count:818
Disclaimer:I own nothing but the plot. Thank you to Just Girly Things tumblr for the photos.
Summary:The girls decide to play princess dress up to decide who will be future King and Queen.
A/N:Every parts will have a link on the title for the photo. Every parts aren't related to each other, such as setting and time, and character. For example, in the next part, they might be high school girls, or not all of Arashi will be girls.

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10 February 2015 @ 10:26 pm
Title:Sakurai Sho (Part 16)
Pairings:AibaxNino, ShoxAiba, OhnoxAiba, OhnoxJun, JunxNino
Genre/Rating:Fluff, Family, Romance, AU / G
Word Count:1810
Disclaimer:I own nothing but the plot
Summary:Aiba chases down Sakurai, hoping that he could apologize to him, but when he headed for Sakurai's apartment he wasn't expecting to a surprise: a side to Sakurai Sho that Aiba least expected of him.

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09 February 2015 @ 06:16 pm
Title:Broken (Part 18)
Pairings/Characters:ShoxAiba, JunxOC, ShoxAibaxNino (friendship) / Ohno
Genre/Rating:Fluff, AU, Friendship, Romance / PG-13
Word Count:1460
Disclaimer:I own nothing but this plot
Summary:How should Sho tell his brother about his mother and Jun? And now that their father is back home, how will things turn out?

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